Below you’ll find highlights of some of the projects I’ve worked on with my students in the past

Physical computing with 4th graders 8th graders built a Raspberry Pi powered “Smart Sign” for the hallway

8th graders build a solar powered tablet charging station

7th graders solder components while building a robot

6th graders build a hardware interface using Scratch

Students learn about tessellation in math class using shapes they designed and 3-D printed

Middle school students making ice cream using liquid nitrogen

Students design, 3D print, build and program a sign for outside the classroom. The class periods could be changed using buttons on back

Middle school students learn how to code in Python using Minecraft on a Raspberry Pi

High school students design, 3D print and build a solar powered backup battery charger

High school students install a solar powered laptop charging station they designed and built

Students apply the Pythagorean Theorem and their programming skills using robots

Computer Science students team up with others in wood shop to make this combination 3D printed/wood NCSU logo

Students design and 3D print part of their final projects for science class