I have a proven track record of helping my students achieve excellent academic results while using an inquiry-based approach in my classroom. Whether teaching, mentoring future teachers, or presenting at workshops everything is modeled after my classroom presentations. Using a combination of clear expectations, accountability, and participant involvement I equip my students and colleagues with the tools necessary for success.

Master of Arts in Teaching, June, 2011
Duke University, Durham, NC
GPA 3.4/4.0

Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, May, 2005
East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
GPA 3.0/4.0

Northern High School, Durham, NC, July 2012 – June 2014
Mathematics/Physics Instructor
•    In addition to standard teaching duties, I planned and tested best practice methods for the implementation of problem based group work, aimed at helping teachers well versed in traditional methods to make a smooth transition to a cross-curricular, inquiry based approach.
•    Planned and carried out professional development sessions for teachers in how to lay out clear expectations and build accountability into project based group work with the initial roll out.
•    Significantly improved my classroom management skills while working with classes of 30 plus standard level students in a traditional classroom setting.

Duke University, Durham, NC, April 2012 – Present
Mentor Teacher/Duke Adjunct Faculty
•   Monitor and guide student teachers in their final semester of Duke’s Master of Arts in Teaching Program.
•    Ensure that student teachers understand how to effectively use the reflective process.
•    Target specific areas for growth in order for students to be prepared to begin their first year as lead teachers.

City of Medicine Academy, Durham, NC, July 2011 – May 2012
Mathematics/Physics Instructor
•    Applied the Project Based (hands-on learning) approach in my classroom which consisted of creating effective groups and management structures amongst my students in addition to creating projects that aligned with each courses’ curriculum.  This also lead to my being awarded a Kenan Fellowship for work in the area of Project Based Learning.
•    Planned and carried out professional development sessions for teachers that ranged from standard “how to” on using various pieces of technology in their classroom, to preparing for group management and content delivery in the 1:1 environment.  All sessions were based around the modeling/project-based approach that was highly effective as compared to standard presentations.
•    Designed and implemented accountability structures for our professional development sessions, student volunteer programs, and teacher training programs.

Northern High School/Hillside New Tech High School, Durham, NC, August 2010 – May 2011
Physics/Computer Science Teaching Intern
•    Created Projects that align with North Carolina’s Standard Course of Study for various levels of mathematics courses.
•    Worked under the supervision of Master Teacher Matthew Sears who guided me in refining and improving my teaching methods.
•    Prepared students for taking the standardized NC End of Course test for Algebra II.•    Created daily lesson plans and laboratory activities based around the Modeling approach of teaching science.
•    Evaluated student progress and maintained communication with student’s parents regarding their progress.

Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School, Raleigh, NC, March 2007 – May 2010
Mathematics Teacher
•    Created Cross-Curricular Projects that aligned with North Carolina’s Standard Course of Study for various levels of mathematics courses and science courses.
•    Co-ordinated with the New Tech Network on a pilot Project Based Learning program during its first three years of implementation. This included interacting between the network, other PBL teachers, our grant administrator, and Wake County’s magnet programs office.
•    Prepared students for taking standardized End of Course tests in various subject areas.

E.C.U. Department of Physics, Greenville, NC, May 2005 – December 2006
Lab Instructor/Teaching Assistant
•    Organized and taught laboratory sections of various Physics Courses.
•    Assisted with the teaching of various classroom courses, including leading help sessions and filling in for the instructor when necessary.

Summer Ventures in Science & Mathematics, Greenville, NC, June – July 2006
Teaching Assistant
•    Worked with gifted High School students in the Summer Ventures programs at ECU.
•    Planned demonstrations and lectures.
•    Assisted the lead Professor as necessary.
•   Directed individual research projects, which included experiments as well as formal papers and presentations.